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Why Lived #1

Hi, what you are reading is a novel written casually by SheepChef. I’ve been writting the novel for a considerably lengthy period. Since I am not very proficient in English, there probably will be some error.

The novel is about, as the title mentioned, death, but in an unsual way. I need to say that the very book inspired me is Lovely Bones, which made me thinking the story in my own version.

Read with joy and ease. Hopefully you will somewhat like my story.

Chapter I – NIGHT

I always feel nostalgic when reminiscing about that doomed night.

Wind was fiercely blowing through my body. Despite the cold wind, I could literally think about many things then. There was no moon in the sky, thus no moonshine, but I still felt that the plain scene of apartments was somehow very different from usual. They were dazzling but knocking the bell of my internal clock.

It’s, maybe approximately, 2 a.m. Aside from winds, there was only hush. As my expectation, there were nobody noticed my presence, though I felt a little sad. Time was ticking. I finally found the last sparkle of artificial light disappeared. It’s my moment to act, and my last moment of choice.

“Everything is fine, no, will be fine.” I tried to convince myself. In the last hour, I had thought everything I would possibly thought about, and it’s the time to give the world an ultimate answer.

“My lord, if there was actually a lord, I hope that I can at least, have a life of happiness next time.” I took a deep breath, and prayed for my fortune before the definitive moment. Trees sizzled downside, and I took a step, that final step, ahead.

I experienced the feeling of riding a roller coaster for the very last time. I could see the moon somehow, though maybe it’s just a lamp near the pavement. I heard the aria of gravity singing for everyone who tend to escape from its cage, everybody failed, by the way. My memory was fuzzy then, with my vision blurring out. When I closed my eyes thinking “That’s it”, like a toy robot disconnected from its controller, I found myself standing still on the ground, wondering what’s going on.

“It’s strange.” I murmured. In theory, I should be very dead then. After all, almost nobody could survive a 20-meter free fall. By all means, I believed I was certainly dead, and the situation was a kind of after-death spiritual stray, a stage of ghost.

“Alas!” A bizarre voice of a girl suddenly emerged, which amazed me. A girl wearing black outfit, looked lovely but sacred, just appeared from nowhere. The girl in a black coat, who called herself Ann, gave me a certification of my death, more precisely, the No.9722852033th person died on the planet Earth. The number increases by a million each day, she added. She also informed that she would guide me until I was died as a soul, giving a everything on the planet Earth, and then reincarnated. I thought she was someone like Mercury in myth.

I stood on the lane downside my apartment building, and I soon found my dead body lying in peace. It’s a little bit fractured though, like a puppet thrown as trash. I asked Ann if my body would be disposed properly. She said that I could watch it in person later on.

Ann inscribed a mark of daisy on my collar, which was said to be a symbol of death, though it was transparent.

I left my dead body, or, was dragged away. Ann clutched my hands and sailed with me far from the distinguishable night. We flew considerably fast, maybe speedier than light. “Where will we arrive?” Ann didn’t answer. I gazed at her black hairs and her face soaked in indifference. She just looked ahead in spite of the nothingness in front of us. Her hand was cold and coated with a smooth texture, Somehow I felt that she was someone I was familiar with, maybe her indifference was so enchanted to me.

We finally arrived at somewhere a glorious customs-like gate was settled. “The Gate of Death” Ann said. “This is one of them, responsible for the northern eastern hemisphere, located at somewhere 50km beyond the top of Mount Everest. There are four of them in total.”

Whoa. I was surprised. Behind the gate there was an infinitely expanding megacity, which let me think about a Disney movie. “No, it is nothing like the movie.” Ann said without looking at me. “If you believed in any religion, you would be sent to other specific religious world created by ancestors, and those who didn’t would be sent to here, well, universally, so to speak, heaven.”

There was no exit in the gate, which was rational since there was certainly no turning back for a dead man. Ann let me passed the gate, where I noticed that the transparent daisy mark on my collar turned golden.

“Now, formally,” Ann looked at me in the eyes. “Welcome to heaven. I sincerely inform you that you won’t grow old, experience any pain, and interact with anyone alive. You will be reincarnated once you are ready. I am Ann, your guide in heaven. I will be there if you need me. Enjoy your upcoming live in heaven.” Ann swiftly uttered like a rapper reciting lyrics. There were clouds, floating like marshmallows, beneath us.

“I am Landon, Landon Sora, in case you need to know, Ann.”

Nobody answered my words. I noticed that Ann disappeared somehow, as mysterious as how she firstly appeared. What remained was a imposing silent scenery of dawn, and the lycoris grown alongside my way ahead.

The night was over, I sighed with a bittersweet smile, wondering how it would be today without my presence on Earth.

To be continued.

Author’s Comments

Well, this is a part of my chatty words.

I don’t think dying is a good thing or bad thing. Everyone dies, so there is nothing scary.

I didn’t explicitly elucidate that the character suicided in the chapter. In the next chapter there will be some more depiction of heaven and Ann. Being alive is hard, but somehow worthwhile.

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Why Lived #1
I always feel nostalgic when reminiscing about that doomed night.