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Beyond The Firmament

Every time when I look up to the sky, I feel light and easy.

The sky is blue, clear, spacious, and enchanting. I can stand still and watch it for a whole day and describe it as a prodigious ocean, or a great blue dome. When I am looking to the sky, I feel as if the sky is surrounding me. When my eyes are filled with the light blue, my heart is filled with solitude, quietude, and relaxation.

Sometimes I ask the sky, though evidently I can’t get any answer. The sky is just there, everlasting. Some people say the sky actually answers every question we ask and we just can’t comprehend its answer.

The sky is always over our heads, gazing us to know what we are doing. The sky is a eye-witness of time and history. Time is elapsing, from an era to another era, from a century to another century, however, what remained unchanged in this fast changing world is always the sky.

Once upon a time, I wanted to fly beyond the sky. I wondered what is there behind this gigantic blue screen. I felt like a bird in a cage of sky, which tried its best to break the cage.

I fly my dream in the sky, because soon I know that I can never go beyond the sky. I am disappointed, but I am happy to fly my dream since my dream is able to do so, beyond the unbreakable barrier.

Experienced such longtern flying, I have been very tired and wanted to give up at any time. My wings also have been already ruined. At the hardest moment, I look up, and the blue sky is still there, as if it is comforting my broken wings. Stars are blinking, as if they are telling me never give up.

I closed my eyes, flaping my wings, feeling the breeze blowing my face. I think I heard the sound of sky, what a wonderful melody!

That day, I, finally, go beyond the sky. Sky is the limit, meanwhile, it is also not the limit.

Flying on the sky, I see your light smile.
Thus, I can fly higher and farther.
The breeze of summer, the smell of tide, 
and the cheers of my friends——
These are all my wings of courage.
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Beyond The Firmament
蒼穹を越えて,超越苍穹。 这是本站的2022年站点主题文章。