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Rambling of ACG

ACG, which refers to “Anime”, “Comic” and “Game”, has played a significant role in my adolescence.

In a large scale, ACG covers a great chunk of humanity cultures, including almost every form of arts, such as literature, music, graphic, illustration, and so on. On the other hand, the spiritual ACG is mainly filled with inspirations, aspirations, loves, and proposals of something meaningful.

I have approached ACG since I am only 11, however, in contrast, I’m argubly not even earlier than others. Nowadays, many children approaches ACG much earlier, even before they enter primary schools, and the tendency will seemingly keep up in the next decade, which is not good.

Objectively speaking, ACG inclines to attract the older teenagers since they are more mature. Approaching ACG too early may lead to being precocious as there is, more or less, something about sex or sexual behaviors like kiss, embrace, even intercourse, etc. Being mature is definitely unhealthy for the kids under 14 years old.

As for me, subjectively, I consider myself as a precocious teenager. Amazingly, being precocious really makes a possitive effect when I am communicating with the friends in the same sex as there are more potential topics I can start the conversation with, though these topics are mainly about something embarrassing.

The picture manifests Asoul team, which is a typical represent of Chinese ACG industry, especially in the field of Virtual Singer(or "Vtuber").
The picture manifests Asoul team which is a typical representative of Chinese ACG industry in the field of Virtual Singer.
Virtual Singer is also known as “Vtuber”.

In another view, ACG is beneficial to the economy. For instance, Japan has already constructed a complete industrial frame of ACG, thus a positive cycle has formed that artists make their works and there are enough people who are able to pay for it, then artists get their career reward so that they can create more attractive works, then the cycle repeats. In contrast, Chinese ACG industry is far behind that there is no appropriate policy to support, the experienced artists are not enough to keep the diversity of works, and the piracy of works has never been controlled. It is apparent that Chinese ACG industry is much more immature now.

There is a couple of perspectives of ACG. Some consider that ACG must be explained as a kind of subculture which originated from Japan, while others consider that ACG is a tremendous concept which belongs to many countries. I consider that ACG is a subculture that originated from many countries, such as Japan and the USA, and be developed in Japan the most for now.

Whereas, ACG industry is now forced to sacrifice by the depression of large-scale economy, which is due to the epidemic of COVID-19. As we all know, ACG is an aggregation of entertainment, thus the industy is in saturated demand only when there is no critical realistic problems. Unfortunately, COVID-19 caused many serious crises and many people are more concentrating on reality rather than the virtualized world of ACG, so the depression of the industry is predestined, which leads many ACG companies to bankruptcy.

The picture manifests a character in Azur Lane which is a typical representative of Chinese ACG industry in the field of games.
The picture itself is painted by ATDAN, who is a popular ACG artist in China.

Though ACG industy’s future is faint for now, I still have an optimistic outlook of it. Similar to any kind of art, ACG industry will be more and more diverse and creative. Many creative works will appear, while there are many high-quality works streaming out. Besides, there will be many diligent artists struggling on the quality of works. All we audience have to do is to support the artists often, whatever our methods are.

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Rambling of ACG
Rambling facts of ACG industry.