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Nuclear Weapons with Chinese People

In the year 2022, the governments all over the countries are concentrating on the increasing region tension of Ukraine and Russia. However, Chinese people, who are far from the Eastern Europe, seem to indicate a weird excitement of the use of nuclear weapons.

Since Russia have warned that it may use “any possible approach” to “resist” the “invasion” of its “territory”, many experts give a scenario that Russia is revealing a signal that it may use the nuclear weapon on the battlefield. The scenario is proved as Ramzan Kadyrov, who is the leader of Chechnya, advocates that Russia are supposed to consider using “low-yield” nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, Chinese people indicate a excitement of nuclear weapons. Some suggests that Putin should “throw an A-bomb in USA directly”, while others says that it is “Ok-ish” for Russia to use nuclear weapons in the battlefield of Ukraine. There is an essential mistake of Chinese people’s cognition of nuclear weapons. Besides, there is a horrible assumption that some of the Chinese people publish their opinion in some mysterous motivations that we will only know from dead.

Nuclear weapons are extremely powerful that able to kill thousands of people in a second. Also, they are radioactive that will pollute the area with their deadly radioactive materials and the area will have been uninhabited for a couble of decades.

A-bombs have been used twice in the WWII that the USA army detonated two A-bombs in two Japanese cities in order to force Japan into surrendering. In total, the two A-bombs caused approximately 510,111 deaths.[1] Thus, it’s hard and scary to assume what a horrible result we will have if Russia really detonates one or more A-bombs in Ukraine. In the best scenario, a few hundreds of thousands of deaths will be caused.

Any possible usage of nuclear weapons is unacceptable and supposed to be resisted and denied. The reasons are considerably evident here. First, nuclear weapons are powerful that they are able to eliminate a whole nation from the Earth. Second, the pollution they cause is very devastating to the ecosystem and the Earth itself. Third, using them to eliminate the other humans is inhumane.

However, due to the absence of cognition and some political purpose, a horrible attitude which justifies and beautifies nuclear weapons is spreaded within many Chinese people, even though nuclear weapons are filled with blood, violence and sadness.

In my perspective as well as my principle, whatever the force Chinese people support, Russia or Ukarine, the use of nuclear weapons is definitely not supposed to be supported. The attitude is about neither the political standpoint nor diplomatic relations, but is critical to everyone living on Earth.

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Nuclear Weapons with Chinese People
Some critics about Chinese people's incorrect attitude of nuclear weapons.