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Chinese-style Nation Prejudice and How to Abolish

Recently, many incidents happened in China manifest a very disappointing fact, that is, extrovertive nation prejudice is increasingly spread and deepened in many Chinese people’s subconsciousness.

I, as a Chinese, am not delighted to witness that. Because of the influences in many aspects, including political education and cultural identity education at school, many Chinese people developed a fierce national pride, which is actually appropriate and what I prefer.

Personally speaking, I love China and the Chinese nation. Loving the mother country is a very usual thing in my perspective. I am glad to see that China is more and more prosperous and wealthy, and I believe every human on Earth will behave the same as me, appreciating and supporting their own country.

Whereas, there is another significant question, which occurs in almost every country on Earth —— national prejudice.

National prejudice seems to be a “further” version of nationalism, but its effects defy ignoring. For instance, a young woman in Suzhou city was taken down by policemen. The reason is that she was wearing Japanese kimono while she was walking along an artificial Japanese-featured street.

At that moment, a policeman roared: “You are Chinese! It is unacceptable of you to wear Japanese-style clothes!” Then the young woman just answered mildly(actually she was asking): “Do you have any permission to roar at me in the situation?”

“Yes, and now you need to take a short tour to the police station!” the policeman said without mercy, then bring the woman to the police station. There, the woman handed in her cellphone, and the policeman deleted every photo she took on the street wearing kimono.

There are many incidents alike. From wearing kimonos to watching Japanese anime and then learning Japanese, it seems that everything related to Japan will cause many abnormal rancorous reactions from people. Thus it can be seen that society is generating a new perspective that how rancorously we regard Japan(or other hostile countries) determines how patriotic we are. My instinct tells me that this perspective is totally wrong.

As a Chinese, I never deny that loving the mother country is necessary, I never deny that many historical reasons are causing this situation, and I also never deny that we should remember history forever. However, we can’t and we are not supposed to turn this patriotic emotion into a sort of rancorous emotion towards other hostile countries.

We are all humans, no matter which language we speak, which kind of clothes we wear, and which style of culture we fond, we are all living on Earth, which is a planet in the solar system, and also a tiny little grain of sand in the whole universe. Though there will always be someone hostile to us on Earth, we also need to give them tolerance appropriately.

Remember, there is nobody useless on Earth. Mankind is a concept on a big scale, and it doesn’t consist of a single nation. It consists of all of us. The best way to abolish nation prejudice is to realize that all of us are not “citizens”, but a member of mankind and a small part of human civilization.

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Chinese-style Nation Prejudice and How to Abolish
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